When I was in India in 2006 with my class on a study travel, I was sitting in an internet cafe. I was writing about what we experienced and learned thus far. It was in December in Varanasi. Suddenly a consternation and many people came running from the left side of me and stopping right […]

If I were with you, I’d stand in front of you If I were with you, I’d gently put my hands on your side If I were with you, I’d let you look in my eyes and I’d smile If I were with you, by now you’d see how much I love you

What day will Jan 7 be remembered for? Just an ordinary Wednesday? A day where it is actually very cold? Yeah, cold it is. It’s freezing cold with a -17 Celsius. The skies were threatening dark, no sun, no brightness, and no clarity. The snow fell – clearing it was futile. That day I am […]

In the last half of 2014, Jurgen Todenhofer went to the “Caliphate” of IS, which is in Iraq. He is the first western journalist who got permission from the IS to visit the Islamic State, to see what it is, how they are organized, to discuss and to find out what they really want.

Hey, Hello? Yeah you! Yeah, exactly, you! Don’t look around, it is not the other, it is you! I want to reach out to you, shake your hand and introduce. You the one who is searching. You the one who is going after a quest. You the one who want to know more, more about […]

Eventually, all live on earth only exist because of the energy from the sun. We have to look up and not down for resources to support life, our life. It is not oil, coal or gas but the sun instead. Oil, coal and gas are consequences of millions of years of many chemical processes and […]

Deforestation is clearly linked with global warming and climate change. Trees have many benefits that is useful to sustain life as we know it, to protect the soils in various ways and they produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Beside this, there are also many people living in and from the forests. Tribes inthe […]

When we hear about global warming and climate change, we usually hear about the greenhouse effect. That the greenhouse effect is dangerous and endangering the planet’s atmosphere. The main element of warming up the world is CO2. Because burning of fossil fuels, like oil, coal and natural gas, CO2 is pumped in the air where […]