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Welcome to CV Check!

I believe it is in our human nature to strive for success. I believe that we want to be meaningful, to do something positive, to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. We also need to make our living, we need to work and exactly that work or job we are doing can give us meaning as well. In these times many people are looking for a job and one of the tools is a CV, your possible entrance to land your dream job with.

To write isn’t always easy and to seek the best within ourselves also is not. There are many CV checks, both online, offline, at job events, and templates. But, there always is a but, they are very impersonal, looking at the frames, how it is looking like and give mostly general advice. That is not much of a help if the fundamental issue is how ‘to put yourself’ on paper.

That is what I can offer, personal assistance in checking your CV, working together with you, finding out what the strengths and weaknesses are to get the most out of you on your CV.

Here is the process

  1. You send me your CV and purpose of the CV to (In English and Nederlands)
  2. For FREE I will look at your CV and send feedback, initial advice and suggestions.
  3. Depending on what is needed we make an agreement on what I can do for you and the price so you won’t have unexpected costs.
  4. After I received the payment we will work to fulfill the agreement
  5. You have a new or updated CV!


  • Initial consultation and advice: €0,-
  • Quick check with basic personal comments for you to edit yourself €24.20
  • Thorough check with personal consultation/coaching €121 (basically I write/edit)
  • 20% discount on the second CV!

It would be my pleasure to assist you into finding your job by working together on your CV optimization. I will look at your CV and look what is in my capacity in how I can be with you, also when I cannot do something I will communicate this to prevent future misunderstanding. Once we agree on mutual expectation we move on to the next step. I will strive for completing the CV within 2 business days (depending on the complexity and mutual communication).

The CV you will have is not a guarantee to success or getting the job you’re applying for. Getting a job is too dependable on other factors: whether you are the right person for the job (even if you have a 100% solid CV), the contact between you and the recruiter/HR person/future employer, the amount of applications, the (missing of) deadlines and other factors influencing the application process. In other words, it is not my responsibility if you don’t get the job. Learn from the process, improve where possible and within that process we always can come together again.

My mission is to leave you with a positive, encouraged and good feeling so you feel ready to start or continue the process you already have started!

Best wishes and hopefully we talk soon,

Daniel Arendzen



Already some general advice:
– Layout, layout and layout. Are the looks of the paper consistent? Same letter type? Same margins? Same color?
– Language, are there any grammar and or spelling mistakes (their/there/they’re)? How is it punctuated?
– Is the information relevant to the job you apply to? Adjust the CV for each job as each employer asks at least some slight differences from you.
– Is the CV all about you, or is it demonstrating why the future employer needs exactly you based on your abilities?
– Would you employ yourself after reading your own CV?
– Write your CV, do something else and review it later again with fresh eyes (or my eyes;-))






Payments are made to ‘De Rechte Weg’, which is the company’s main name. CVcheck! is doing business under that name.

De Rechte Weg is registered at:

De Rechte Weg
Sir Winston Churchilllaan 289/F11
2288 DB, Rijswijk
The Netherlands

chamber of commerce: 65578066

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