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USA – United Satans of America

How dare you. How dare you not only taking away so much liberty and privacy of your own people, but now, in process, also to take away the the sovereignty of the rest of the world? How dare you to be that outrageously hypocrite? How dare you to possibly be able to attack my country’s freedom and to submit us to your will? How absolutely insane, short tempered, irrational, fearful are you really? Is this the USA you want to be? Is this the example you want to set for the rest of the world? Is this the right role-hegemony you have in mind?

You, USA, United Satans of America, became rotten to your bones. It seems that all logic, reasoning, and goodwill has left the USA – United States of America long time ago.

Dear reader, you’re probably wondering what provokes me. I’ll explain.  Read More…


Dutch Racism

Between 2012 and 2015 I lived in the USA. I was working with a multi cultural organization with many different cultures, from many different countries from many different ages going to yet another culture to fight poverty. It was a big challenge to lead teams, to be in that mix of people. They all were shaped by their own cultural background and personal experiences to be put in a team to live together for over a year or so.

However, all of us were foreign to the states. The staff, participants, everyone came from elsewhere. Except for the accountant, handy man and Valor. They were Americans but Valor not by birth.  Read More…

#Brexit (?)

On a Dutch news website ‘‘ is a blog completely devoted to the possible exit of Brittain from the EU. When I am going through the daily news articles from that blog passes by, in fact, many hit the national news on TV. I simply do not understand what the discussion really is about. Yes, sure, the UK leaving the EU or not, obviously, but the real agenda, what really is behind it? No clue. I am even not sure if politicians know what factually is going on and what the true reason is as the whole debate are mere oneliners based on populists sentiment. Read More…

The Toilet (a.k.a. The Restroom)

One of the basic fundamental thoughts about existentialism is the question: “What was first? The idea/concept or the result/object?”

Imagine living before the dark ages has started, before Christianity became popular, before we had proper houses, before paper was invented, and in a time when there were a mere 1 billion people on this planet. Biologically we are simply transforming food into shit. Read More…



Open brief aan Geert Wilders (open letter to Geert Wilders English below Dutch)

Geert, Geert, Geert…..

Ik heb het eigenlijk met je te doen. Ettertje, galbakje, muggenziftertje, van me. Gaat alles goed met je? Misschien een aspirientje nodig? Misschien iets sterkers? Te veel paddo’s genomen zodat je nog altijd hallucineert? Waren de kikkers lekker om te likken? Read More…

Dutch’s Refugee Debate

The other day a friend read this article of The Telegraph “Refugees could be fined or lose residency for failing to uphold Dutch values”, written by Senay Boztas on the 28th of November, retrieved the 29th of November 2015.

On facebook she tagged be and asked what my opinion about it is and this is my reply I’d like to share:

“It’s not so much what I think, but, looking at what factually is happening and putting it in the right context. Besides, this article mixes 3 different issues, which do NOT go Read More…


Pentagonism makes suddenly 100% sense.

In the book of Juan Bosch, Pentagonism: A Substitute for Imperialism, former President of the Dominican Republic, he is describing how it is working and the relation with colonialism and imperialism.

In pentagonism all is revolving around war and weapons. The science has been done, the weapons are produced and paid for, salaries paid, taxes paid, and the profit has been made. The largest piece of USA’s budget pie goes to the army and all the weapons, bullets, launchers, airplanes, ships, utilities, and the lot is just sitting there doing what?

It’s just dead, stocked, Read More…

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