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Eventually, all live on earth only exist because of the energy from the sun. We have to look up and not down for resources to support life, our life. It is not oil, coal or gas but the sun instead. Oil, coal and gas are consequences of millions of years of many chemical processes and it took this long to change leaves and plants for example, into what it is now. Read More…


Greenhouse Effect

The reality that we are witnessing, and being part, of is a very delicate and balanced system that supports life on earth. This balanced system must be understood to realize its value and in extend to take care of. Read More…

Deforestation and its social impacts

Deforestation is clearly linked with global warming and climate change. Trees have many benefits that is useful to sustain life as we know it, to protect the soils in various ways and they produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Beside this, there are also many people living in and from the forests. Tribes inthe Amazon in South America for example, and in the Indonesian rain forests as well. It is not only people living in the forests; it is the home to many different animals as well as plants and other flora and fauna. Read More…

Methane, what about it?

When we hear about global warming and climate change, we usually hear about the greenhouse effect. That the greenhouse effect is dangerous and endangering the planet’s atmosphere. The main element of warming up the world is CO2. Because burning of fossil fuels, like oil, coal and natural gas, CO2 is pumped in the air where it keeps on accumulating. It is an ongoing process that started at the start of the industrial revolution and keeps on continuing year after year and there is no end in sight. Read More…

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