Daniel Arendzen

Bio: Student MSc Poverty Reduction (final year), living with my beautiful wife in Malaysia, counting blessings, enjoying life, working hard with passion to make each moment memorable! http://www.konnexxion.net is a blog I started some years ago, but, didn't follow through with it. Until now that is. I got rid of Facebook and other social media to write again. This blog is my journey through life and gives you a unique insight into the ideas and experiences of a Dutch guy traveling and living abroad. It represents freedom, my privileged freedom of traveling, of being somewhere else so I can share it with everyone who'd like to read it! http://www.littlemaryamgarden.wordpress.com is the website of a, for now, a hobby that I'd like to expand. I want to get my fingers green, grow food, being positively occupied, getting my hands dirty, sweat like a beast and then being a 'Slick Rick' (name of my gel, cannot help it) after a shower at the end of the day. In fact, now I am thinking about it, I do like writing, maybe I should write a book too? Hmmm.... Who knows!

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      1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I reset some things so hopefully that glitch won’t happen again. I just replied to your comment. Did you receive an email notification about the comment? Working out the kinks but I’m hoping this will be a great tool for cultivating deeper, more genuine connections in the online world 🙂

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