LTSVP (Long Term Social Visiting Pass – Malaysia) Is INNNNNN (Immigration pt2)

I was really scared not to get it in time, but, now I have it! The LTSVP, or, Long Term Social Visiting Pass to stay for a more extended period in Malaysia.

The process is long and daunting. I cannot speak for other nationalities, but, in my relative easy case, it was already anxious!

From a European point of view, Malaysia and surrounding countries, are ‘poor’ and yes, they are poorer than The Netherlands or any other West European country for that matter.

But, Malaysia also is one of the wealthiest countries in this part of the word together with Singapore, but, that’s ‘just’ a city-state (no offence!). Just like the Netherlands, Malaysia discriminates too between nationalities who are wealthy and brings more welfare to the country and poorer nations that is a burden to Malaysia.

There are many records of fake marriages and other forms of abusing the system for foreigners to come into Malaysia. When I still was part of a Facebook group dealing with these issues (how to get an LTSVP), there were many reports of people from the Fillipines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, etc., for who it was difficult getting that pass.

As I’m Dutch, it was ‘easy’ because the Netherlands is a rich country. I have a Bachelor degree, I am an educated teacher and I am studying a Master’s degree. White+education=wanted. Hadie has such a good job so there is no question she cannot be my sponsor. It’s the same as in the EU, someone needs to be a sponsor and outlay a refundable bond to show financial security. The amount for me is more than a month’s salary for the majority of the Malaysians. Clearly, I am privileged as no further questions were asked.

Documents are documents and everything needed to be right and checked. The time it usually takes is about a month. But, our marriage had to be validated by the Islamic Council, the office where we got married. It took ages for them to process the request from immigration!

The last post I wrote about this LTSVP was on April 9. Thus, at the beginning of May, I should have gotten the pass. But, nothing. We called. Nothing. We called again. Nothing. We called to the Islamic Council. Nothing. So frustrating lah! Only late May we went to the Islamic Council to see someone who is processing these papers as my time to stay in Malaysia started running out. Unavailable. Next week we went back. Then the officer who arranged our marriage was there too; we arrived at the office at the same time in the morning. He helped us and showed that the validation letter had been sent 2 days earlier. So, after the weekend we called back to immigration – letter not received. Shit.

Last Sunday we went to immigration in person and miraculously the letter was there, and they could process everything right away! I didn’t want to argue why they didn’t call as I was already thrilled I got it!

The amounts we had to pay.

I got the pass on the 3rd of June, that’s 10 days before I had to leave to make a trip to either Thailand or Singapore to get a fresh 90-day stay.

I don’t have the official LTSVP yet. This only is the probation pass. Immigration officers will check whether I am working, whether I actually am in the country and that this house is furnished for more than one person, by visiting me here at home. We had to provide pictures of Hadie and I together, a map to the house and photos of the house and post box.

Many times they prolong the 6 months to a year and that one I need to extend each year for 4 years in a row. Then I can get a Malaysian identity card with some social benefits. It doesn’t grand me citizenship though, that’s a whole different process. The terms and conditions are not explicitly stated online, and with a bit of luck, I can get an LTSVP that’s valid for 5 years in a row without having to renew it every year. Let’s hope I can get that one!

For now, I’m already so happy that I can stay until December 3 and at the end of November it’s just an easy form to renew the pass to at least a year.

Next post will be pt3 and let’s see if I can get the 5 years LTSVP or that I have to renew it yearly.

Till then for this subject!


  1. Hi Daniel. We are interested in the LTSVP; we are Dutch man and US wife, both in retirement. You received for 6 months and then it was extended? For how long? One applies for LTSVP to Immigration after initial entry on a 90 day visit pass? Would please appreciate your reply. Also via: We are Richard Ypenberg Barbara Faulconer


    1. LTSVP can be extended with a minimum of 6 months, but quite often they give you a year. Do you have family members in Malaysia? You should apply for the LTSVP asap, as it might take some time before you receive the pass. If you have enough funds you can also look at this:


  2. Hallo Daniel, bedankt om je ervaringen te delen. Ik dacht dat je met een long term social visit pass ook mocht werken. Heb ik dat verkeerd begrepen of is dit omdat dit nog niet je officiële LTSVP is?

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    1. Hoi! Sorry voor mijn late reactie… Ik ben druk geweest de afgelopen tijd!

      Met een LTSVP mag je standaard niet werken. Maar, je kan wel een endoresment krijgen wanneer je een baan gevonden hebt en die procedure is heel simpel. Zij vertellen welke documenten je moet laten zien en wanneer je ze hebt krijg je een stempel in je paspoort dat zegt dat je bij die werkgever mag werken voor de duur van je LTSVP. Wanneer je die verlengt dan moet je dezelfde documenten weer overleggen en je mag weer een jaar werken. Wanneer je van werkgever veranderd dan moet je de work endorsement weer opnieuw doen.

      Ik hoop dat je alsnog wat aan mijn antwoord hebt!



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