Whohaaa! My short story is available on Amazon!!!

I didn’t blog much lately. Partly because I’m busy with studies, the daily life is the same I have written about already, but, I did try to write fiction!

After studying for hours, reading heavy stuff, I once in a while also want to have some creativity. I do like writing, and I do enjoy blogging. But, that’s always about something real, about something in this real life and I also like to let my fantasy on the lose once in a while. So, I wrote a short story just above the 900 words.

I wrote it for the fun of it, and I published it on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) see how it works. I know the self-made cover is like hilariously ugly and clearly made by an amateur, that would be me, but I don’t care. Just a tryout!

Anyway, click on the picture here to go to Amazon and there it should be for free for the next 5 days. Otherwise, it’s €0.99 (of which I get €0.35)

See it on Amazon!

Who knows I will write and publish more? I do totally enjoy it. Like. A lot!

P.s. Am I a self-published author (of a short story) now?


Any thoughts? Please do share!

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