A 100 Followers? Really? WOW!!!!

But Hey!!

That is simply amazing!

How did that happen?

I am amazed, humble, grateful that you are following me. I actually mean that!

I started this blog somewhere in 2015. Then I initially wanted to have a place to collect environmental articles I posted on other blogs. But, I knew that I wouldn’t be in control over those blogs while it was my content so I started collecting them and post them myself too.

Selfish, I know.

At that time I still was partly recovering from a burn out and I needed some distraction as well. I could still be very passionate about something and burst that out in a negative way. I tried to solve that by blogging, by writing about what I saw on the news and that I used my passive aggressive behavior positively by adding strong and bold opinions about events that was on the news.

The blog changed a bit to an opinion blog. That I tried to continue for a while but then, after I moved to the Netherlands from the USA, the blog was getting neglected. I did write some things, but not as regular anymore, though there were some meaningful posts in early 2016.

In the mean time, I also added travel experiences from before I lived in the USA. I have quite some more but I need time to write them down as I have to go back to the famous memory lane.

Consequently, the blog changed from opinion only, to opinion and what I was going through at the time, plus those travel stories. Not a particular niche! Just me rambling about whatever.

Then Trump happened. I wanted to write a lot about that too. I just came back from the USA, my heart and head still were there somewhere, I could compare the USA with many other countries and systems etc, because of my travel experiences and all I have learned along the way.

Trump and all that happened around it, all went so fast! News came breaking and breaking news broke other news and all was one big mess and…..

Yeah.. right… No way. and as I also started studies again, having a boring life in which not much happened I didn’t write much until recently. It also was like mid 2016 and my mind wasn’t that much in the USA anymore so why should I bother?

Then I quit Facebook, Twitter (initially, but somehow it wasn’t deleted after all), I got rid of Instagram. That was the best decision ever! I also wrote about that in the Facewell Facebook series. Too much time shared with nonsense and old acquaintances I never would meet anymore anyway. My wall was in Thai, Spanish, English, Dutch, German, Danish, Malay, and I was like, huh? Come on… And the buzzfeed, and the this and the that and all USA oriented. No. No. No. Nothing against the USA as such, I don’t hate it but I also don’t want to see it all the time. I think that Americans also would be annoyed to see Germany on the news 24/7

I simply wanted to have my place, my space on the www, very selfish, where I have my memories, from travels, from meaningful events, such as the post I finished earlier about my mother’s death. I want to have a space for random things that will be insignificant in 3 weeks – the random posts.

I moved continents, this time for good. I have my home now in Malaysia with my beautiful wife. I am finishing studies, yes, still boring days and OMG I will be thrilled to see those studies end… But there also are exciting days, new memories, new connections, or konnexxions.

Konnexxion is a collection of all that without a real purpose other than that.

So all along it is me in the spot light, me on many pictures, my stories and my experiences etc. Many other blogs try to solve a problem. Be it in food, health, lifestyle, money, technology, how to make money from blogging, sharing personal problems and writing off depressions  Many talk about following and becoming big and influential etc. I don’t have that aspiration at all. If I had I would start a proper travel blog, or personal growth after a burnout through traveling or anything in that direction. In that I have tons of experiences!

I know I do try to have some form of engagement encouraging you to like, rate, comment and to follow me to get more awesome stories. I think they are awesome! Hehehehe.

But you think that too, you do follow me, you do like and occasional comment! I think that it is very awesome! I don’t know if the blog will grow to 1000 followers or more, no clue! But even to only have a 100 people who are interested in some of the stories I write is already amazing!

I just keep on being myself, keep on adding stories in a variety of styles, hopefully getting better at it too so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for following me! It is nice to be read after all!

Much love and all the best to all of your blogs and with anything you are doing!

Yours truly




Any thoughts? Please do share!

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