Nasi – lema-what?? Let me explain. Mat saleh/matsaleh/how-ever-you-write-it, means…. me! Or, anyone with a white skin in Malaysia, either living permanently or a tourist or whoever. In another post I mentioned Malay, Malaysian-Chinese and Malaysian-Indian as main ethnic groups beside the original inhabitants, but, maybe Malaysian-matsaleh can be a minority ethnicity as well?!?!

Anyway, there is this nasi-lemak, the traditional Malaysian national signature dish. Rice, boiled in coconut milk and some other spices, eaten with sambal, fish, peanuts, or other variations.

Schermafdruk 2018-04-20 14.17.36
The real Nasi Lemak

Many ingredients I did not have, obviously, but, I took my own twist on the dish (SORRY MALAYSIANS! No Offence!) and call it Nasi-lematsaleh: Rice boiled in coconut milk, egg, sambal, and tomatoes 😀


Not the real deal, but hey, my lovely wife totally was smiling and enjoying the meal! Mission accomplished! YUMMYYYYY

Any thoughts? Please do share!

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