A Reach out! (and follow Little Maryam too!)

Since about a week (?) I started a new website I invite you to follow!

Little Maryam! Healp Daniel, tell me more I’m already interested! Yeeey, thank you for being interested, I gladly tell you more!

At home we have a garden. We already have mango, rambutan, coconuts, lime and bananas. Oh and Ayah, my father in law, who “manages” the garden.

Our current garden

But! This garden surely is big enough to start a garden farm! Vegetables as in salads, tomatoes, carrots, whatever I can grow.

We can learn plant density, how to produce food on a small area and maybe, if possible to monetise it by selling the produce.

Till now I like it a lot! And slowly but surely we will transform the garden into something very different!

This really is starting something anew, from near scratch, to something beautiful!

I won’t write anything about it on this site as it will be too random and confusing, so, hop hop hop, and follow the other blog!

Little Maryam Garden <—— click there and then click follow for awesome updates!

Hope to see you there too!


  1. De link in deze blogpost (little Maryam) werkt niet bij mij, als ik follow doe krijg ik als commentaar dat ik al volg via konnexion. Ik wil je verhaal over de tuin ook graag lezen!

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