It was still before midday. The sun was out, not too warm, just yet, and it was quiet. The noise of the main road calmed down a bit as everyone was either at school or at work.
I was studying at home with the doors open, ventilators on, having some “fresh” air going around and not to hear the buzzing of the air-conditioning for once.

The view is also so colorful! The garden is green, has some large orchids blooming with wonderful flowers. Looking from the other window there’s an empty field where banana trees are growing, giving some distance to the next buildings.

Big colorful orchid hanging in the mango tree

There also always is something happening. Ayah, my father in law, has “green fingers” too. In between brackets as he doesn’t have a plan and is randomly planting something and removing it again without that any plant has given any fruit or veggies for that matter.

Except: large coconut trees! They are too big to remove and we actually eat the coconuts. Besides the coconut tree, we also have lime, mango and rambutan (a fruit you probably never heard of but taste awesome!)

That particular morning, a couple of days ago, to me a morning not to forget.
My parents in law “gardening” and harvesting coconuts, to break them, and having nice coconut juice!

They are lovely people, simple, retired, enjoying the easy life without any worry at all (consequently, they worry about everything all the time). They have a big heart, welcomed me home into the family and I’m grateful for this new memory!

Harvesting the coconuts
Father in law cutting the coconut
Mother in law breaking the shell to get to the fruit

How does your garden look like?


Written by Daniel Arendzen

Student MSc Poverty Reduction (final year), living with my beautiful wife in Malaysia, counting blessings, enjoying life, working hard with passion to make each moment memorable! is a blog I started some years ago, but, didn't follow through with it. Until now that is. I got rid of Facebook and other social media to write again. This blog is my journey through life and gives you an unique insight in the ideas and experiences of a Dutch guy traveling and living abroad. It represents freedom, my privileged freedom of traveling, of being somewhere else, so I can share it with everyone who'd like to read it! is the website of a, for now, hobby that I'd like to expand. I want to get my fingers green, grow food, being positively occupied, getting my hands dirty, sweat like a beast and then being a 'Slick Rick' (name of my gel, cannot help it) after shower at the end of the day. In fact, now I am thinking about it, I do like writing, maybe I should write a book too? Hmmm.... Who knows!


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