New category! “Poverty Reduction”

As many of you know, I am doing a master degree in…. Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice. When you ask me what it is about and what I am learning then it’s impossible to tell that in just 5 min or a couple of sentences.

However, I do like the subject, I do like what I am learning and many things are either new, were forgotten, and many things are very relevant in the world today.

I am not intending to write academic articles or go deep into concepts or arguments. What I want to do in this category, is to pick out the interesting part and questions and give a certain nuance to it. Some of the topics that will pass by are:

  • What is Poverty?
  • Where does poverty come from?
  • Who are the poor?
  • What is this $1,- a day poverty line really?
  • Why is climate change? and
  • Why is climate change hitting the poor disproportional hard?
  • What is economics?
  • Why does economics matter for the poor?
  • What can we do about poverty?
  • Is giving money to poor not a total waste?
  • What’s up with Africa?
  • What is the role of the government in poverty reduction?
  • What is the role of “the market” in poverty reduction?
  • What is the role of NGOs in poverty reduction?
  • etc

These are just headlines that I’m thinking about now, but they also can be different or broken down in smaller articles.

Oh and! If you want to know something particular regarding poverty/development/etc, then ask away in the comments and I can try writing an article about it!

Have fun reading!

Any thoughts? Please do share!

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