Get the Frack out of Groningen!

On the news lately. Fracking is now allowed in The Netherlands, be it only “a test”. Not just anywhere in the Netherlands, no. They allocated a test field in Groningen!

Groningen is one of the Northern provinces struggling a lot with earthquakes due to natural gas extraction by the NAM (which is a venture between the Shell and ExxonMobile).

For over more than at least 6 years and probably over a decade countless earthquakes were registered, tens of thousands of homes are damaged also till the point that they have to be demolished. People live in fear waiting till the next one comes. People are moving out, house prices are crashing and nobody is taking responsibility for the damage. Not real responsibility, adequately, and to the point so there is a solution for the people who actually are living there.

After signing the Paris declaration they still think it is a good idea to extract gas while the overall consensus clearly is that we need to go fossil-free.

That’s the introduction. Now. For the ones who don’t know what fracking is, let me introduce it to you.

Concept of Fracking

As you can see on the picture, there is gas trapped in stone. In the Dutch case it’s not trapped in that particular stone, but, to be able to get to the gas fracking is needed.

In an ordinary gas field, it is simply drilling a hole straight down, hit the field and the pressure does the rest. Gas comes up, contain it, transport it and the country can cook for nearly free on gas.
However! With Fracking, the pipeline doesn’t go only straight down, but turns horizontally. Then, under pressure a mix of water (fresh water of course) with lots of chemicals (the article spoke of less chemicals than with shale rock extraction, but still, chemicals in the ground, underneath the drinking water aquifer) which then e.x.p.l.o.d.e.s. to get the gas separated from where it is in.

So, basically, the Dutch government allowed the same NAM, that already is causing earthquakes, to purposely make explosions at about 3.3km depth, letting the surface therefore sink with 2cm, in an earthquake prone area where people are living in fear for about a decade, and that’s just a good idea?

Frack off, go away, not there, safe the people from more disaster! They claim that something serious will happen is close to 0. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! No, no, no! I guarantee you that with this “test” on the long run (obviously after something has been approved many years after this test ended) there. will. be. consequences and by then it will be too late. Just like any other venture between private oil companies and governments, like, all over the world. It. does. not. work.

Sigh. This just needs to stop, any definition of ‘this’.

For the Dutch readers: Here’s the link to the article.




Any thoughts? Please do share!

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