Food, Cancer and my Mom

Dear reader,

This is a longer story, or experience I want to share. I wrote this for you, for you who want to take care of yourself, to learn from my experience with myself and the experience I had with my mother regarding cancer and food. I wrote this when she was still alive, sadly she passed away on 11-10-2016.  Read More…


USA – United Satans of America

How dare you. How dare you not only taking away so much liberty and privacy of your own people, but now, in process, also to take away the the sovereignty of the rest of the world? How dare you to be that outrageously hypocrite? How dare you to possibly be able to attack my country’s freedom and to submit us to your will? How absolutely insane, short tempered, irrational, fearful are you really? Is this the USA you want to be? Is this the example you want to set for the rest of the world? Is this the right role-hegemony you have in mind?

You, USA, United Satans of America, became rotten to your bones. It seems that all logic, reasoning, and goodwill has left the USA – United States of America long time ago.

Dear reader, you’re probably wondering what provokes me. I’ll explain.  Read More…

The Product of Captivity of the Yellow Bus

I have lived just over 3 years in the USA. As a foreigner in the USA’s traffic, one thing stands out tremendously! The Yellow Bus, or the school bus. I was living in Williamstown, Massachusetts, somewhere halfway on a mountain with beautiful views, nature, Mt. Greylock, the Appalachian trail, organic farming, a very well off college nearby, some primary, secondary and high schools around as well. As the town was so small I usually needed to drive either to North Adams or to Pittsfield for whatever shopping or entertainment. Read More…

My Malaria and No Hospital

That, my dear reader, that was an Adventure! Both in an amazing sense as in the experience as such, having lived through it, and also how it put my feet steady on the ground to relate the same experience as what people live through every single time. That story I would like to share. Read More…

Who are you REALLY?

This video below is a must watch. I say this because it clearly shows your roots. It demonstrates, factually, who you are and where you came from. In that way everyone is the present product of past actions. DNA is a code. In that code is lots of information passed from one generation to the next. Following your DNA string scientists can identify where you are coming from.

To me it must end bigotry, hatred against other people as in nationalities, religion, ethnicity and all that people cannot choose from. We are just a contemporary being in a whole string of funneling other beings into you. Therefore, who are you to judge others? We all have our Purpose in live so let’s use it not setting each other up against each other!

(The clip is in English though there is Dutch text as a start)


It always becomes such a Circus debating with people who always are against-everything-without-a-solution all. the. time! – freakshow of disagreements.. ugh…

Different stands on being overly fat

I just have read a blog post about Tess Holiday, her being an overweight model whom picture was removed from Facebook. Jessica Morley wrote an article about it in “Big can be beautiful, but it sure ain’t healthy“. In there she, rightfully, addresses health concerns about being overweight or not, and, that a public person, such as Tess, is empowering overweight girls to think it is okay to be fat (which is not health wise).

I wouldn’t want to take something away from that article at all as I think she Read More…

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